Grading guide

Landaura grades all its comics as fairly and consistently as possible. All gradings are based on The Overstreet Grading framework and combined with our many years of experience.  The key for the grading codes are as follows:

  • M - mint condition, an exceptional example.
  • NM - Near Mint, as if just purchased and read only once or twice.
  • NM / VF - Near Mint to Very Fine, nearly perfect, just purchased and read a few times.
  • VF - Very Fine, excellent copy, carefully handled.
  • F / VF - Fine to Very Fine, Above average comic with minor wear.
  • F - Fine, above average comic, handled with moderate care.
  • VG - Very Good, the average used comic book, significant moderate wear. 
  • G - Good, shows substantial wear, completely readable.
  • FR - Fair, heavy wear but generally readable.
  • PR - Poor, usually incomplete.

We always air on the side of caution with our gradings and so you can be assured that gradings given will be at the top end of the grade. We do understand however that comic Gradings are highly subjective. For this reason we use only the actual photos of the comic you would receive. We don't Photoshop any of the images and we don't use stock photos (unless clearly stated in the description.). We would ask therefore that you use the images as the main guide. If you require more information on any of our comics, please contact us.  Please also be aware that free gifts and posters which may have come with the original comics are only present if stated in the description.