One Plus One Volume 1 Graphic Novel TPB 2003

One Plus One Volume 1 Graphic Novel TPB 2003

One Plus One: Volume 1, Trade Paperback / Graphic Novel by Neal Shaffer & Daniel Krall, 2003, VF grade.

'David Coulson is a drifter by definition. He travels from place to place, leaving behind history and identity, bringing only enough of himself to get involved with the people he needs to get involved with. There are things no one can know about David, otherwise he won't be able to do his job. David is one of those people that roam our cities making sure destiny takes its proper course, that the bad guys get what's coming to them. His latest stop has brought him in contact with several interesting characters. Leonard, the writer cursed with visions of how people will look after they die; Celeste, the waitress with a secret of her own; and Eddie, the card sharp that David takes under his wing. What does it all add up to? Only David knows...'

Recommended for mature readers.

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